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People across the Tampa area have been turning to MAXTech for IT services and IT support since 2006 for their business. They recognize the value of hiring an expert for their IT services and IT support rather than wasting precious time trying to figure it out themselves.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your technology is in good hands so you can grow your business. Never worry again if your data is backed up, know for sure a strategy is in place to properly maintain the technology in your business.

At MAXTech, we are your IT Department so you can focus your time on what matters to you.


Computer Services

Our business was started with a drive to help people with technology.

We’ve seen too many “support” companies trick organization into bad service with deceptive pricing and no transparency. We aim to do better – we aim to ensure you always know what service you’re getting from our team, and that you always see the value in that service.

Technology shouldn’t be just an expense and a hindrance to how a business functions. It should be a benefit that helps your business run like a well-oiled machine. But to make that happen takes strategy, innovation, and planning. It demands IT solutions working to make technology work for YOU, and not make you work for your IT. That’s why all of our IT services are personalized for every firm we work with, to meet your specific goals and requirements.

Focus On Serving Your Clients and Leave the Technology to Us

You have to sift through an ever-growing amount of information on a daily basis. That doesn’t leave much time for dealing with IT problems, and you certainly have better things to spend your time on anyway. MAXTech can shoulder the burden of technology for you. With our team on the job, you’ll be able to focus on your clients while we ensure your technology is always ready to back you up.

And, by using MaxTech, your organization will also benefit from:

  • Access to our world-class IT skills, experience, and resources.
  • A competitive advantage through the use of the advanced technologies we provide.
  • The ability to focus on core competencies rather than IT.
  • Increased security that helps you meet regulatory requirements.
  • Reduced capital expenditures on IT infrastructures, and overall IT expenses.
  • Reduced IT downtimes with up-to-date business continuity solutions.
  • The ability to predict your current and future IT budgets.
  • Innovative IT solutions that provide a competitive advantage for your business, at a competitive price.
  • Increased protection from confidential data breaches and cybercrime.

The services we offer are based on your custom needs. We’re extremely selective in what vendors we choose to use to ensure we’re providing the best value for your IT dollars.

Quick and Effective Solutions

With MaxTech, you can rest assured knowing your technology problems will be solved in a quick and efficient manner. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, providing personalized technology solutions with integrity.

Your business provides the best support possible for your clients. Shouldn’t your IT do the same for you? MAXTech is ready to make sure it does. Contact us today at (813) 333-2878 or for a free assessment of your IT.