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Let Us Restore Your Faith in Technology

Are you sick of technology?

I know a lot of people are, and it’s understandable. With the costs of Business IT Support, the potential computer problems that can eat up your day, and the overall frustrations that come with dealing with a lot of “techie” people, it’s no wonder that a lot of business owners just don’t want to even talk about their computers.

My colleagues and I built MAXTech as the solution to bad business IT support. We’ve seen too many businesses dragged down not just by technology problems, but also by IT companies that don’t seem to provide real solutions.

Is any of this familiar to you?

  • You only hear from your IT company when you have a problem.
  • You have to wait hours for a phone call back after your computers go down, and no one gets any work done while you wait.
  • Once someone finally shows up to fix the problem, they only focus on that problem alone, and then head back out the door, having charged an arm and a leg for the hours they were there.
  • Your technician talks down to you the entire time they’re with you, talking over your head with a lot of technobabble.
  • The answer to every IT problem is always an expensive new piece of high-end equipment.

I’ve worked with IT people who act like that, and I know firms like yours deserve better. I want to restore your faith in technology and show you how good it can be. If you’ve become jaded by a bad experience, tell us what happened!

Challenge us to not only do better than the last guy, but to fix the problem once and for all so you don’t have to deal with it ever again.

That’s what we demand at MAXTech – proactive, innovative support that STOPS problems in their tracks. How do we do it? By personalizing our service for every client:

  • We talk with you and your team regularly, finding out what’s going on in your business and with your technology. We stay involved and make sure that we’re making your technology work for you.
  • We dedicate our resources to solving problems BEFORE they drag your business down. That means regular maintenance, proper planning, and education to help you use your technology better.
  • We stick with your business for the long haul. You can call me or any other member of my team at any time to get answers, suggestions, or assistance on any IT issue you have, and we’ll always be working to help you improve and grow your business.

The Best Business IT Support In Florida.  Don’t Mess Around With Anyone Else!

Challenge me and my team to restore your faith in technology. I can’t wait until we get to the point where I can call you to check-in, and all you have to say is that things are going great.

Brad Howerter

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