Are you prepared for whatever threats the future might bring to your information technology?

Are you searching for a great IT Company for your small business?

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Are you prepared for whatever threats the future might bring to your information technology?

After all, your IT isn’t just about your own livelihood – you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all your clients’ information.

Cyber Security for Law Offices

It’s important to remember that your information technology needs to be secured from any potential threat:

  • Are you worried about the confidentiality of your clients’ data? We’ll instate the proper security to not just protect against cybercriminals attempting to steal your information, but also to keep your networks secure from even casual and accidental disclosure.
  • What would happen if there was some kind of data disaster in your office? Our planning and recovery services ensure you’ll be able to restore your important files and records, and keep you from losing access to your client information or your communications systems.

One of the key values MAXTech focuses on for our IT solutions is Security. We make sure you get peace of mind knowing your systems are always safe from any threat, whether it’s a natural or man-made disaster.

Read on to learn more about our Secure IT services & solutions for law firms, or give us a call today at (813) 333-2878 to talk about how to protect YOUR law firm from the threats of IT disaster.

IT Security Consulting & Vulnerability Assessments

We offer wide-sweeping IT Security Consulting that goes above and beyond just installing anti-virus software and a firewall.

  • We help prepare you and your team for any security threat by analyzing your IT systems the same way a hacker would. That way, we can find any vulnerability in your system.
  • Afterwards, we’ll make sure you get the right services and solutions to help you patch the holes and keep your business safe.

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Backup & Recovery Services

At MAXTech, we’re masters of Backup and Recovery Services that provide peace of mind knowing you can bounce back from any disaster, anytime.

  • We regularly backup not only your files, but also your operating systems, settings, and applications.
  • We store your backups both onsite in your office AND offsite in a secure data center. If there’s ever any mishap, big or small, you can quickly and easily recover anything lost.
  • If the worst should happen and all the equipment in your office is unavailable, we can even spin up a virtual copy of your systems in the cloud, so you can get right back to work without any interruptions.

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Email & Network Security

We know your law firm relies heavily upon your email and networks, not only to connect with your clients, but also to store valuable and confidential data. That’s why we take Email and Network Security seriously, so you can’t be exploited through these vital systems.

  • We offer the best email and network security protocols like anti-spam, anti-virus, firewalls, password settings, and user authentication.
  • We put 24/7 remote monitoring in place to constantly scan your systems, search for potential problems, and alert us so we can take care of them.
  • Our team will educate you and your staff on safe computing practices, so you can USE your systems wisely and effectively without compromising security.

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When you partner with MAXTech for your IT needs, you get a team dedicated to finding the right IT services and solutions to improve your productivity and efficiency every day, and to let you be ready for anything.

Call us at (813) 333-2878 or send an email to today to learn about how we can customize an IT solution to meet your needs.

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